Parris was angry because Abigail was hiding something from him. She is sick in the bed and she was not talking. People believed that it was witchcraft but she was actually faking. He does not want the villagers to know because he is a reverend and that will make him have a bad name. He saw […]

For a lot of us poverty is just something we hear on the news happening in other countries.Believe me poverty is closer to you than you think.Any one can be in poverty even the people near you can be in poverty like your neighbors, coworkers even your family members can be in poverty. Poverty is […]

Franz Kafka’s life Franz Kafka was born into a middle-class, German-speaking Jewish family on July 3, 1883 in Prague,Czech Republic.Franz was the eldest of six children. He had two younger brothers who died in infancy and three younger sisters. All his life Kafka struggled to come to terms with his domineering father. Franz Kafka had a […]

In this essay i will be talking about how Ron Suskind uses various language techniques to present the difficulties that Cedric face in his education in part one and two in Ballou high school and M.I.T. Cedric is a kid that has to face lots of problems like bullying,gangs and teachers just to get a […]

Mos def criticise the REEL when he says “like I got,16 to 32 bars to rock it,but only 15% of profits ever see my pockets”this shows that even though he is making lots of songs he does not get that much money.

The first rappers criticized institution such as the police and the government.Content is critical of social issues. REEL is often used is Hip Hop when rappers lie in their songs.Hip Hop was never like this it started when the African slaves came to America with their oral traditions and that was the beginning of jazz,blues,soul […]

This quote means that racism is more powerful than material stuff.”So boost about your Prada and your Christian Dior,still security will follow when you’re in the store.The quote that I choose was when he said if a Chinese rapper said die chink die everybody would be like what is wrong with this guy this shows […]

Social issues are issues which influence a considerable number of individuals within a society. Mick Jenkins uses satire to criticise stereotypes about black men and boys.

Mick jenkins targets young black boys.It means that all the things that the black boys are doing may get them killed.The why he uses satire is when.

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It is when you use irony to make a point.They would use it to show how black people were killed.The bit that made sense is when he said what rappers would say in their songs.